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Agile Mobile is our fully managed mobile service, encompassing everything from device provision and setup to consolidated billing for all your fixed, mobile, and unified communications usage. It operates as a SIM-only mobile network solution seamlessly integrated with our Agile public cloud platform. This integration offers fully integrated recording, analytics, and a single point of contact for all your communication needs.

Fixed and Mobile Convergence

In the era of remote and hybrid working, mobile phones have become an extension of the office. Organizations with compliance and governance requirements now require access to call recordings and analytics across all their devices—whether they are landline, softphone, or mobile. They seek true one-number solutions so that employees can receive calls wherever they are, whether at home, working remotely, or in the office. Moreover, they require consistent audibility regardless of which device is utilized.

Meet your compliance and governance obligations

Customers with compliance or governance obligations require access to call recordings and analytics across all their devices—whether they are landline, softphone, or mobile. They seek true one-number solutions, allowing employees to receive calls regardless of their location: at home, working remotely, or in the office. Furthermore, they require consistent auditability across all devices.

Agile Mobile from Guba tech enables compliance teams to access SMS messages and call recordings for compliance or training purposes. Handsets can also be restricted from installing apps like WhatsApp and other encrypted services that might evade audit trails.

Our Agile Mobile service is ideal for public sector organizations, especially those subject to FOI and GDPR requests. It also benefits businesses in the financial, legal, and insurance sectors, where robust audit trails are essential for operations and governance.

Business Benefits of AI

Guba Tech  works with the world’s leading technology vendors to deliver Enterprise grade AI and Automation solutions including chatbots, RPA and AI enabled contact centre solutions.

Enabling Customer Self Service

Smart Routing and Agent Assistance

Driving Efficiency in front & back office

Enhancing the Employee Experience

Agile Mobile Services

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

A fully managed service provided by the Guba Tech team, the Mobile Device Management (MDM) service is designed to ensure data security on devices and facilitate remote data wiping when necessary. MDM can enforce password complexity, restrict access to the public App Store, and only permit users to deploy approved applications.

In Building Coverage.

Guba Tech can deploy a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to ensure mobile service is available in areas within buildings where the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) antenna is not within range.

Managed Service

Agile Mobile is part of our Manged Service offer and is supported by a dedicated team providing 24:7:365 support. All new requests, changes, barring and remote wipe requests are fulfilled by this UK based team.

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